MORSim flyer - Team training makes for smoother, safer surgery

Safe surgery demands skilled teamwork and expert communication to ensure the intended outcomes are achieved. Team training makes for smoother, safer surgery and fewer problems for surgical teams and patients.

The University of Auckland has developed the Multidisciplinary Operating Room Simulation (MORSim) programme to improve communication and teamwork in the operating room (OR). MORSim is being implemented nationally, with funding by ACC and collaborative support from the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

The Pilot

The complexity of modern surgery requires a whole team approach to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Improving communication and co-ordination in operating room teams has considerable potential to reduce unintended treatment injury.

Highly realistic simulation is an established way to undertake team training, but traditionally focuses on one discipline at a time. MORSim provides simulated activities to engage and challenge all members of the OR team – surgeons, anaesthetists, anaesthetic technicians and nurses.

The MORSim team ran a pilot of 23 full-day courses in Auckland. Challenging scenarios were integrated with expertly facilitated debriefing sessions, presentations and discussions focused on team function and communication, and awareness of the roles and perspectives of other team members....

Read more in the MORSim flyer

MORSim in action

The video below demonstrates the realism of the MORSim simulations. The participants are clinical staff in the roles they would normally be in. There is no acting or scripting of roles.

MORSim in Action

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